The platform is FREE to use thanks to optional tips.

No Onboarding or Subscription Fees
Optional tips help support Sponsoar

Organizations control whether the sponsor pays tips or processing fees.

What are the fees?

Sponsoar Platform Fee
Fixed 5%, no less than $5 per transaction.
This is only paid if tips are turned off.
Payment Processing Fees
Processing fees are 2.9% plus 30 cents for credit card transactions, or 0.8% capped at $5 for ACH.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does tipping work?

When a sponsor proceeds to checkout and purchase a sponsorship they will be presented with the option to provide an additional tip to Sponsoar for use of the platform.  There is no obligation to tip.

What happens if the organization turns off tips?

The organization will have the option to turn off tips from sponsors.  In that case the platform fee will be charged to the organization out of the proceeds paid by the sponsor.

How does the organization control sponsor fees?

Organizations also have the option when building their sponsorship offering to hide, show or require the processing fees from sponsors.  If the processing fees are hidden, or the sponsor opts not to pay the fees, then the organization pays the fees out of the proceeds paid by the sponsor.

What are payment processing fees?

We partner with Stripe to handle payment processing. All transactions include a processing fee of 2.9% + 30 cents for all payment methods except for ACH, which offers a reduced rate of 0.8% capped at $5.

How does purchase and payment work?

The sponsorship offering is valued by the organization. Sponsors can select the offering and follow the check out process on the site. Transactions are fulfilled through Stripe and Sponsoar does not save payment information for any party.

Are there any additional costs for Sponsoar fulfillment ?

If tips are turned off then the platform fee is the only charge for order fulfillment. Sponsoar sets the price of the deliverable and organizations set the price for the sponsorship offering including the deliverable.  Sponsoar will deliver to the organization.

Are there any hidden fees or subscriptions?

None! We operate on tips. Only if tips are turned off by the organization will platform fees be applied to purchases.

How do payouts work?

Organizations will connect with Stripe prior to launching an offering. Funds payable to the organization will remain with Stripe until transferred to the organization's account. Sponsoar does not take possession of organization funds other than in accordance with a fulfillment transaction agreed upon between the parties.