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Efficient Sponsorship Sales

Efficient Sponsorship Sales

Efficient Sales - Close the Loop

We know, we've been there!  You have worked hard to build your sponsorship offerings.  You have spent hours determining value and placement, how you will deploy message campaigns, promoted the same to your leadership and board, and received all approvals. Now comes the time to sell the business advertising and donations. The back and forth begins!

You and your team gain traction with interested sponsors.  The sponsors review your web offering or flyer and are ready to execute.  Except they do not respond because they do not have time to call or email when they receive your message, or they forward to another individual in their organization who starts the process but doesn't have the details to complete the purchase.  The support individual may not know the correct offering to purchase, or does not have clarity on the budget.  

The next hurdle is obtaining the marketing information the organization needs to provide the purchased item.  This may be a logo, or a description of the business, or a specific message tied to a unique offer.  

Sponsorships are amazingly versatile and effective business advertising and philanthropic outreach. They are also, however, time and resource intensive for the organization and the sponsor.  The problem the founders of Sponsoar identified is this unnecessary communication loop requiring too many back and forth messages to close a sponsorship sale and obtain the information needed to fulfill the offering.

Sponsoar's web based application is a quick and easy system designed to free up your time to network for more sponsorship acquisition. Sponsoar will allow for ease of review, purchase, order confirmation, product fulfillment and delivery.

Whether you are looking for additional sponsors to support your organization, or looking for clubs or charities to support, the Sponsoar marketplace will aid in this process.