Create and sell sponsorships with ease.

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Our PLatform

A powerful and efficient process

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Sign up for Free

Organizations and sponsors can create an account and be active on Sponsoar in minutes.


Present Sponsorship Offerings

Leverage existing or custom templates to present your sponsorship offerings.  

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Grow your Sponsor Community

User-friendly search capabilities connect organizations and sponsors across areas of service and location.

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Generate More with Less

Leverage sustaining sponsorships allowing organizations to rely on regular funding from sponsorship offerings.

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Why Sponsoar?

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Solve for Inefficient Sales and Promotion

The sponsorship promotion and acquisition process can be inefficient, particularly if goods are involved in the offer. Sponsoar solves this problem for our organizations with an easy-to-use platform that automatically collects necessary information allowing them to spend more time on their mission.

Say goodbye to PDF sponsorship offering sheets forever!

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We Fulfill and Save You Time

We streamline the production and delivery of goods associated with traditional sponsorship offerings.  We also strive to fulfill any goods that an organization thinks to include in its sponsorship offerings.  If the product is not already in our database, we will work with the organization to review, price, and fulfill for you.

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Sell Sustaining Sponsorships

Sponsors recognize the value in sustaining sponsorships that provide recurring support for the organization by the sponsor, and ongoing promotion of the sponsor by the organization.  The Sponsoar platform is equipped to help our organizations offer, promote, and sell sustaining sponsorships.

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Community Connecting Organizations and Sponsors

The Sponsoar vision is to become a community where organizations and sponsors find each other and grow together.  We want all of our organizations and sponsors to look beyond their contact database and find others focused on your cause.


The platform is FREE to use thanks to optional tips.

No Onboarding or Subscription Fees
Optional tips help support Sponsoar

Organizations control whether the sponsor pays tips or processing fees.

What are the fees?

Sponsoar Platform Fee
Fixed 5%, no less than $5 per transaction.
This is only paid if tips are turned off.
Payment Processing Fees
Processing fees are 2.9% plus 30 cents for credit card transactions, or 0.8% capped at $5 for ACH.
Pricing FAQ
Pricing FAQ

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